Vichy Dercos

I don’t know about you, but my favourite drugstore brand has to be Vichy. If I didn’t have a beauty blog, I would probably just be using Vichy. Vichy haircare is now available in S.A. peeps! 

Because my ombre has my ends looking and feeling a bit dry, when given the choice, I opted to try the Nourishing Reparative range. This range is specifically for men and women with dry, damaged and brittle hair, exposed to multiple aggressions such as brushing, washing, drying, and repeated chemical treatments, who want to nourish and rebuild their hair fibre.

The Nourishing Cream Shampoo is said to protect hair fibres from external factors such as pollution and UV rays, leaving it looking soft with a healthy shine and a silky touch. The Nourishing Cream Conditioner is said to be enriched with Keratino-complex and 3 natural plant oils that intensely nourish and protect the hair fibre as well as counteract keratin deficiency and repair hair fibres, nourishing and restoring strength.

My thoughts?

Sensorially, it’s a treat. The shampoo comes in a flip top bottle, is creamy and comforting and smells incredibly delicious. It has a creamy gel texture that develops into a foam, and lathers up nicely. It’s hypoallergenic, paraben-free and lower in silicones. The conditioner comes in a flip top tube and smells seriously edible. The consistency is a little on the thin side, and I wish that it was richer and denser. Because of this, I find that I always have to use the Nutri Reparative Masque. This mask is thick and concentrated, and leaves my hair feeling silky soft. If you have dry hair and you’re looking for a hydrating hair mask, this is your guy. A word to the wise: rinse, rinse and rinse some more. I thought I had rinsed sufficiently the other day only to find that after my blow dry, my mid-lengths to ends looked dirty. Luckily a bit if dry shampoo sorted me out, but to make sure it’s all out of your hair, rinse for longer than you think is necessary.

All in all I am really enjoyed using this range. Vichy also have ranges for greasy hair,  hair-loss, anti-dandruff and ultra-soothing. 

The shampoos go for around R195, the conditioners R199 and the mask R295. In terms of value for money, the mask is super concentrated, so the 200ml tub will last you a long while. Available at selected Dis-Chem and Clicks, and wherever else Vichy is sold.