I am a lover of dry shampoo. I use it every day. Even when I’ve just finished washing, drying and styling my hair, I’ll put some in to give my hair some volume. I have to try hard not to use it. 

Can you relate?

I’ve tried many brands of the stuff, some dismal, some amazing. Go here to witness the show down between two of my preferred brands. I switch between Batiste and Colab (Moroccanoil too, but it just doesn’t make financial sense at the rate I go through the stuff) but I think I’ve added a new favourite to my repertoire. Why? 

  • It’s not as gritty as Batiste or Colab – sometimes I find my hair difficult to brush out when I use these brands. Not with Girlz only…
  • My hair is easy to brush out
  • It freshens up my hair instantly and I feel like I need to use less of it
  • It doesn’t leave a white residue (even if I spray it too close, the white patch is easy to brush out)
  • It’s more affordable than Batiste or Colab, which are priced at around R90, coming in at around R50. When you use it as much as I do, that makes a huge difference. 

The bottom line is that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this brand, and I’m impressed by its quality and price point. If you’re a dry shampoo pro or a newbie, check this brand out. 

I tried Party Nights and Hazy Days . They both smell pretty, and I like that they have a range of different scents, as well as a dry shampoo for brunettes and one for blondes. I’m keen to try out the volumising kind, XXL.

The only downside to the this product (which comes off the back of the first pro listed above) is that because the product isn’t so gritty compared to Batiste or Colab, it’s almost not as effective. How I counter this is by using the different brands on alternating days, so there’s not a crazy build up.

Available at Clicks and Dis Chem. Find out more info online here.