With 15% pure Vitamin C, Vichy’s LiftActiv Brightening Skin Corrector is the ultimate solution for tired and dull looking skin. The formula contains a blend of powerful active ingredients which include pure Vitamin C and E and Hyaluronic Acid, and is free of perfume, texturizing agents and silicone.

The Vichy LiftActiv Brightening Skin Corrector is ideal for 35-50-year-olds who are looking to boost the skin’s natural radiance. Did you know that your skin can be exhausted due to a heavy workload, change of seasons, pollution, important life events, sun stress, lack of sleep or nutritional imbalances. How, you ask? By provoking dryness, imperfections, causing dark spots, a dull complexion or uneven skin texture. 

The most incredible thing about Vichy’s skin booster bottle is that its so powerful that you only need to use it 3-4 times a year and it’s for all skin types.

Why should you use it?
Broadly speaking, antioxidants help to fight skin damage linked to external factors in our environment, such as UV rays – linked to 80% of premature cutaneous ageing. They do this by halting a phenomenon known as free radical damage, which is triggered by these factors and has been shown to accelerate visible signs of ageing.Vichy LiftActiv Brightening Skin Corrector boosts the antioxidant capacity of your skin on application and protects your skin from oxidative stress, and therefore being a powerful partner in your anti-ageing routine. Put 4-5 drops of the product in the palm of your hand. Apply with fingertips to a cleansed and dried skin, mornings only. Wait for 3 minutes before you apply your regular moisturiser.
My Thoughts
I am obsessed with antioxidants. I religiously use Skinceuticals C E Ferulic because a plastic surgeon once told me that as long as I use that and sunscreen, my skin is completely protected against sun and oxidative stress – which are the main contributing ageing factors. Plus my skin has never looked better. The amazing thing about Vichy’s LiftActiv Brightening Skin Corrector is that you only need use it 3-4 times a year (although if I didn’t have C E Ferulic, and this was my only antioxidant, I’d use it more often) and the price point is easy at R385 for 10ml. That might sound like a lot for a little, but you only need 4 drops at each application. A heads up – drop 4 drops in the palm of one hand and don’t rub it in with the other hand and then on your face. Some how the second hand absorbs product and then there isn’t as much for your face. I love it!
Available at Dis-Chem, Clicks, Foschini and major pharmacies.

Like a good skincare junkie I am constantly testing and trying out new products. When I find a product that blows my hair back, I see if I can make it better by combining it with another mind melting product. It’s kinda like taking Spider Man and giving him Superman’s powers. These products together take skincare to a previously unknown level…

Hydrating B5 and Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask

I absolutely adore Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 and I absolutely love Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask. Put the two together and you have a match made in heaven, which works the best for dehydrated and dry skin.

NeoStrata’s Smooth Surface Daily Peel and Kiehl’s Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate

This combo is killer. The Neo Strata pads contain glycolic acid which exfoliates and increases cell turnover to clarify pores, refine skin texture and improve skin tone. Just before bed, apply the Kiehl’s Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate, which continues the exfoliating/cell renewal theme, followed by your favourite facial oil or cream and you wake up in the morning with GLOWING skin. Most times when I use this combo, I get lots of compliments about my skin. 

Australian Gold Self Tanning Lotion and Caribbean Tan Darkening Drops

Australian Gold makes a good self tanning lotion that comes out looking super natural, never orange, and fades evenly. The only down side is that a) the colour is a little bit too light and b) the lotion is slightly tinted, but doesn’t have the strongest colour guide. I have a problem with sunless tanners that don’t have an adequate colour guide, because where am I rubbing it in my skin? By adding Caribbean Tan’s Darkening Drops, the colour is intensified and the colour guide is stronger. Winning. You can even mix the Darkening Drops in with your regular body lotion to create a customised colour for your skin tone.

Beauty Blender and The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist

Sometimes I’m too lazy to wash my Beauty Blender sponge. I also like the look of a more natural to medium application of foundation versus caking it on. Because of this I simply spritz some of The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist onto my beauty blender before I squeeze my foundation onto it, and hey presto! A beautiful looking complexion in 2 minutes flat.

Batiste Dry Shampoo and INOAR Kálice Multi Purpose Oil

I love dry shampoo because who doesn’t love something that extends the life of your blowdry/styling efforts? Also because of the volume it gives me, and this specific Batiste XXL variant gives gooood volume. By day 3, when my ends are looking a little dry, I just smooth on some INOAR Kálice, which is a blend of 7 precious plant oils, and which smells insanely delicious, and my hair looks healthy and shiny again!

Do you have any favourite product combinations?


Scrubs just got sexy in SA, and it’s all thanks to two men!

Two Capetonian guys who love start-ups, sport, travel and women bravely step into the cosmetics industry, previously uncharted territory for them both with the brand Kahve (Turkish for coffee).

Bathroom to beach or bathroom to bedroom? You choose. Kahve, prepares you with a smooth glow for both. I love that Kahve is all about empowering you and promoting healthy skin, with their brand message “Treat yourself like the natural goddess that you are. Embrace your femininity and take hold of the endless strength you possess. Skin was designed to be caress-able, freckles to be celebrated and you to be, oh so, irresistible.


 has been having its day in the sun lately, and if its considered a superfood, why not put it on your skin!? Kahve Coconut Matcha scrub combine matcha with virgin coconut oil to enhance radiance and nourish dehydrated skin. This blend of natural antioxidants, essential oils and exfoliators does a super duper job of sloughing away dead ski cells, ans smoothes and rejuvenates my skin. As for that pesky oily film that some scrubs leave on your skin? Nothing to report here, as in no irritating residue. The best part? It smells like toasted coconut marshmallows. 


Damaged, tired and stressed skin. Post beach and sunkissed skin.


Pinch a small amount of scrub in your hand and apply directly to the target area of your body. Exfoliate in circular motions. Let the scrub absorb into the skin for two to five minutes followed by a rinse with warm water for optimum results.


The caffeine found naturally in the Robusta bean addresses cellulite, stimulates drainage, refines contours and tightens up the skin while nourishing avocado oil and Borage oil help to soften and revitalise your skin. 


To temporarily eliminate cellulite, varicose veins and tighten the skin.


Use as above, and in the morning, to energize and invigorate.


Dear skin

Meet scrub

You can thank us later

Yours in sexy skin


Get your Kahve Skin Body Scrub online, with free delivery within South Africa. Each 225g sachet has a RRSP of R280 – I find that I can get 2 uses from one sachet.

Exciting stuff! Kahve is offering a 15% discount to my readers. You can either go here, and the code will be automatically applied, or here and use the code kellyrocks at check out.

Here’s to glowing skin, lovelies.

The gorgeous French brand Payot is back in South Africa, and they’ve relaunched with a neat concept.

In the 1920’s, founder of Payot Paris, Dr Nadia Payot created her first products.  Convinced that these products alone were not enough, she developed her first beauty recommendations and exercises and started performing facial exercises on her clients.

The Gym Beauté Payot includes 11 movements which are said to uplift features and smoothe out wrinkles. And the best part? They’re quick and easy and you don’t have to put on your gym gear!

Check out the Beauty Gym:


A comprehensive cleansing range, this facial collection is complete with five options from cleansing gels, to a toner and of course make up removers.

All skin types are considered. There’s both a gel (for for oilier skin types) as well as comforting milk cleanser (offering added hydration). For a radiance boost, reach for Lotion Tonique Reveil with its raspberry extracts, and to whisk away make up in seconds, there are two options of makeup removers. Eau Micellaire Express is a refreshing make-up removing water for face and eyes, while Demaquillant Instantane Yeux is a dual-textured make up remover that sweeps away stubborn waterproof products.

Purify with PATE GRISE

This heritage range developed by Nadia Payot lives on and still thoroughly treats and cares for blemished skins almost 70 years since formulation. At its heart is Pate Grise Special Edition, and it’s a miracle potion – especially if an acne spot needs quick healing. An emergency ointment that’s suitable for all skin types, it works overnight to help mature a blemish, meaning it won’t linger on your skin. To compliment the range, the Pate Grise Speciale 5 (a drying and purifying gel) is used on mature blemishes, as well as the Pate Grise Eau Purifiante (a Perfection two-phase lotion) for all-over complexion use, meaning you have a comprehensive treatment plan. And because Payot understands women with blemished skins want to use a high-coverage concealer with treatment benefits, the Stick Couvrant Pate Gris means a dose of shale extract (an ingredient in the famous Pate Grise) upon application. Two hydrating products (oily skin needs to be perfectly moisturised too) complete the range.

Quench thirst with HYDRA24+

The best treatment products for skin that needs hydrations, irrespective of its type, comes in the forms of fresh-feel, moisture- plumping creams that are light to the touch. Available in a selection of textures that are perfect for your skin type, Hydra24+ is the answer for women prone to taught-feeling and hydration-poor skin. A daily-use eye care treatment (Hydra24+ Regard Glacon) and a super-hydrating and comforting mask (Hydra24+ Baum en Masque) are essential to prevent water loss.

Illuminate with MY PAYOT

Radiant skin means healthy skin and a simple yet effective product range is Payot’s commitment to helping women achievement a flawless face. Straightforward, yet hard-working, the collection consists of day, night and eye care creams to increase skin’s radiance for a glow that’s more gorgeous by the day thanks to power ingredients like super fruit extracts.


Slack skin is a big issue for South African women as loss of firmness doesn’t target a specific skin concern, type or tone. It’s simply an ageing issue. This targeted treatment (laced with argan extract) for mature skins with decreased firmness and bounce, is a smart serum-cream and works by intercellular communication.

Smooth wrinkles with TECHNI LISS

No matter where you are on your anti-ageing journey, Payot has specific anti-wrinkle care products to fit your skin’s treatment needs. Starting from first wrinkles (Techni Liss First) through to deep wrinkles (Techni Liss Deep), the range has been specifically created to manage wrinkles as they appear and set in, dealing with them at every stage. Carefully considered ingredient-rich products are key to the range, like Techni Liss Booster, packed with hyaluronic acid that’s found naturally in skin to pep up vital collagen.

Sculpt with PERFORM LIFT

Stave off in-clinic anti-aging procedures with a skin remod- eling range to help to re-contour face, neck and décolleté. As the skin on your neck is a telltale sign of aging, Perform Sculpt Roll-On is an award-winning modelling gel that uses peptides to help muscles support this fragile area once more. A day and night cream as well as an eye treatment means the range is complete for a full offering that cares for mature women skins.


The era of global anti-aging treatments – those that work really hard to perform many skin care tasks in one applica- tion – has been with us for years. Payot has worked tire- lessly to ensure the formulation of Supreme Jeunesse Con- centrate is the of the utmost advanced, making this serum the solution to your skin’s total health and anti-aging needs.

UV protect with LES SOLAIRES

As South Africa as the second highest UV concentration in the world, Payot understands it needs to offer all South Afri- can women a full and high factor sun screen range. The Les Solaires Sun Sensi Crème Visage come in both a SPF 30 and 50+ variety.

You can find Payot at selected Dis-Chem and independent pharmacies nationwide. Go forth and explore! And don’t forget to do your exercises. 

I have a soft spot for green beauty. I figure if I can get the same results from a product that contains natural ingredients versus chemicals, I’ll always go for natural.

Aloe Unique skin care products blend vitamins with locally and ecologically-harvested Aloe Ferox plant ingredients, in a paraben-free formula.

The locally run Cape Town based family business boasts over 20 years experience in the Aloe industry. In the interests of health and in line with caring for the environment, all of their products are paraben-free and come in recyclable containers


Aloe Ferox is twenty times stronger than Aloe Vera. And since Aloe Vera is well known for its moisturising, healing and restorative powers, with Aloe Ferox you know you’re onto a winner. Benefits include that it moisturises, accelerates wound healing, fights ageing, reduces acne and infection and lightens blemishes. 



This potent, highly-concentrated serum kickstarts skin’s age-defying powers to help prevent and reverse the appearance of lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Consisting of high levels of Aloe Ferox leaf extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Borage Oil, this Aloe Ferox-based formula is packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants to boost skin’s natural age-defying defenses.”

I love layering products and I love a good serum. This serum doesn’t have your typical, silk like consistency. It’s smooth but a little bit sticky, but goes on easily. It smells fresh and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft.

 You can get your hands on a 50ml bottle for the price of R256.00 here.


This emollient cream delivers a blast of moisture and protection to leave skin hydrated, plump and even-toned. With a unique delivery system, this Aloe Ferox-based formula packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamins E and C, helps effectively stimulate collagen production and increase elasticity. Protects against free radical damage and lessens visible lines and wrinkles. Skin looks fresh, firm and more youthful.”

The Aloe Unique Age Defying Day Cream has a creamy texture, but isn’t heavy. On it’s own it isn’t hydration enough for me (I have dehydrated skin). It leaves my skin feeling comfortable and smooth.

A 50ml jar will cost you R135.00. Available here.


This ultra-nourishing night cream delivers a powerful boost of lasting hydration, fortifying skin and replenishing moisture lost during the day. With a powerful anti-aging combination, this emollient-rich Aloe Ferox-based formula helps jumpstart collagen production overnight for a younger, glowing and even-toned appearance.

The Ultra-nourishing Night Cream has a thicker and richer texture than the day cream. It’s really an instant shot of hydration boost, and leaves my skin feeling nourished, comfortable and soft

Available for R155.00 for a 50ml jar here.

should you try it?

I appreciate Aloe Unique’s mission, which is to ethically and sustainably build their brand and produce the highest quality of affordable health and skin care product. I love how gentle yet effective this product line is. I love the fresh, subtle fragrance of the products. And I love that I’m using natural, plant based ingredients on my face. All in all, my skin is happy and loving these aloe ferox based products. I do sometimes pop my Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 on from time to time, because if I don’t, we all know what happens. The range is also really well priced. 

You can learn more about Aloe Unique here.