Skinceuticals H.A. Intensifier VS Hydrating B5 Gel

The new kid in town from Skinceuticals is their Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier Serum. It’s a beautiful, hydrating serum containing the star ingredient hyaluronic acid, but is different from their other star product, Hydrating B5 Gel.

SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier Serum

This multifunctional corrective serum helps amplify the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid levels by 30%, containing a  concentration of pure hyaluronic acid, plus proxylane, licorice root and purple rice extract. These bad boys (which are actually very, very good boys) help deliver surface hydration to skin and help to improve smoothness, firmness and plumpness. Ideal for all skin types, this paraben-free and dye-free serum-gel also reduces the look of crow’s feet, nasolabial folds (smile or laugh lines) and marionette lines (the lines that run down from the corners of the mouth ). H.A. Intensifier is also perfect for extending the longevity of injectable hyaluronic acid fillers.

Both the H.A. Intensifier and Hydrating B5 Gel contain Hyaluronic Acid, but they are different. H.A. Intensifier is a corrective serum that works to increase the skin’s own hyaluronic acid levels by stimulating hyaluronic acid synthesis, prompting your skin to make more of its own, preserving the existing hyaluronic acid and hydrating instantly. Hydrating B5 Gel is a moisturizer. It combines vitamin B5 with Hyaluronic Acid to strengthen the skin’s barrier and bind moisture to the skin. This oil-free serum will boost and enhance the effects of your daily moisturizer.

My thoughts

I use this in the morning after my CE Ferulic serum. It has a lovely berry colour to it, but doesn’t look purple when you apply it. It’s super lightweight and is absorbed quickly, but still provides intense hydration – my dry areas feel and look so much better. It’s so important that your skin stays hydrated during the day, otherwise your foundation fades in irregular patches. This gel serum ensures my skin stays nicely moisturised all day long.

The Hydrating B5 Gel is recommended for all skin types and those with sensitive, dehydrated and acne-prone skin and can be used alone or with your daily moisturizer for extra hydration. H.A. Intensifier is recommended for all skin types and dehydrated or ageing skin types to help improve the skin’s firmness, elasticity and plumpness.

If you’re new to the world of Skinceuticals and you’ve heard good things about either their Hydrating B5 Gel or their H.A. Intensifier, I’d say try either. If you’re extremely dehydrated, start with the H.A Intensifier and move on to the B5 Gel after your bottle has finished. Otherwise, go straight to B5 Hydrating heaven – I’m obsessed.

Available at select dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic spas or online here.