My Favourite Online Shopping Destinations

I used to love shopping at a mall for my favourite things, until I visited NYC, and saw how that with the slightest effort and a click of a button, the most beautiful items would COME TO ME. No parking, no crowds, no frustration.

Once back in South Africa, the pickings were slim. Some stores simply don’t ship to SA and if they do, SARS imposes outrageous import duties, often rendering the items not worth it. In my struggle to find the best online stores, I’ve come across many. I’m sure there are a few undiscovered gems out there, but in the meantime, these are my go-to stores that I will lovingly share with you.

1.  Shopbop is my go-to store for all things Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and the other odd designer. They are super fast, friendly and efficient. I don’t have to wait long at all, with the package usually taking 5 days to arrive, which makes me very happy! Express shipping is free on orders over $100 but the big downside is that South Africans are taxed heavily on imports, so you end up paying almost 50% more for the product.

2. After following Wanderlust and Co on Instagram, and obsessing over the various rings and arm candy, I decided to investigate and found out that they shipped to SA! With international online shopping, I am sometimes put off by the harsh import tax and our sometimes ineffective postal service. Not with Wanderlust and Co! My parcels normally come within 2 weeks of ordering, and delivery comes via registered mail. I still have to pay customs of a minimal amount (i.e. R150 on a R1000 order) for my parcels, which I pay at the post office. Thankfully I have never had a parcel go ‘missing’. Another plus is that Jenn of Wanderlust and Co is always so helpful and thorough, and if I need any questions answered I just e-mail her.

3.  Faithful to Nature is my favourite store for natural and organic products. They have the most divine local and international natural products such as makeup, skin care, bath goods, baby care items as well as food and supplements. They are hugely passionate about what they do and this always inspires me to be more ‘green’. They are one of the first companies in the world to have created a strict ingredient policy which means that they double check all their products to ensure that they are in fact green, so that you don’t have to. They say that they are “absolutely fanatical about delivering exceptional customer service” and let me tell you that they do just that! Ordering with Faithful to Nature is an absolute pleasure. My order normally reaches me within 2 to 3 days and delivery is free if your order is over R250. Happy days!

4.  Zana is the cutest home store for cushion covers and shopping bags. They really have the best, most original designs I’ve seen so far, and remind me of items that I lusted after whilst in New York. If you want to add some fun into your home and life, I would highly recommend giving Zana a try. I got these charming cushions for the bedroom from Zana.

If there are any online stores you love and can’t live without, please share! Happy shopping Lovelies!

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