When I say I am obsessed with anti-ageing, believe me, I am. I do everything I can to halt and prevent the ageing process. These things include, but are not limited to, sleeping on a silk pillow case, taking Omegas, various other supplements and collagen, going for botox, going for peels, going for laser, using sunscreen, not putting my face in the sun, rolling my face with the twin ball roller thingy from the body shop, rolling my face with a derma roller (I bought an at-home one which was beyond sore, but I still did it), using in inordinate amount of essences, exfoliants, serums, face masks, sheet masks and whatever other magic I can get my hands on and spending hours on the net reading reviews and investigating products. 

In the past (up to December 2017) I used to review most products and makeup on my blog. I’ve since changed my look and with that, the focus of my blog. My blog is dedicated to all things anti-ageing and self love. I still review products, but from an  anti-ageing perspective. 

To help you understand my reviews better, here’s a little more about me. I’m 37 and my skin type is fair and dry/dehydrated. My hair is naturally slightly wavy but goes straight with a blow dry, fine but I have lots of it.  

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