Dehydrated skin is a common skin condition. You can even have dehydrated oily skin, that’s how far reaching it is. I suffer from dehydrated skin, so I know the schlep it takes to keep it hydrated (skin masks, sheet masks, serums, creams, mists). Dehydrated skin isn’t a good look. Have you ever seen a good looking prune?

Hyaluronic acid is key to maintaining hydrated skin, and Neutrogena’s new Hydro Boost contains a Hylauronic Gel Matrix to provide hydration.

Here’s what Neutrogena say about their new range:  “Forget moisturisation, start thinking hydration. NEW from Neutrogena®, Hydro Boost® is your complete hydration regime. For skin so hydrated and supple, it bounces back.”

Hydro Boost Cleanser Water Gel

If I use a cleanser that’s too harsh for my skin, it leaves it feeling tight. Not this one. It smells like a dream, foams up nicely and does a super job of cleaning my skin as step 2 in my double cleanse regime. All in all, it’s my favourite gel/foaming drugstore cleanser of all time and I will buy it for as long as they make it (or until another better one comes around). It’s my favourite for two reasons: price point (low) and quality (high). Available for around R100.

Hydro Boost Exfoliator Smoothing Gel

By now you all know that exfoliating is good for your skin. Every day there’s a build up of skin cells on your skin’s surface which can leave it looking dull and dry. Exfoliating gets rid of this old skin, revealing younger looking skin. Products also penetrate better when your skin is fresh. Whether your choice is chemical or physical, I love both and I keep this one from Neutrogena in the shower. It’s not the best in terms of exfoliating, but I like it because I use Drunk Elephant’s Babyfacial once a week (which is quite intense), Filorga’s Oxygen Peel in the morning and Dermafix’s Derma Polish, so this is just an in-betweener as well as a facial cleanser. I think I’ll carry on buying it for the shower. If you’re buying it for exfoliating purposes, you’ll be disappointed. Around R100. 

Hydro Boost City Shield Hydrating Lotion SPF 25

This sun cream is beautiful! It’s a pale blue, gel cream and smells just as gorgeous as the rest of the range. It goes on evenly and is kind and loving to my skin. Even though in my mind it’s a low factor of just 25, I use this when I know I’m not going in the sun that day. It’s not good enough for my sun days, but it’s an amazing and affordable sun care option for office days. Around R140.

I’m in love with this range. It definitely does provide more hydration and strips skin less, smells delightful and is so affordable. In my opinion, it lives up to all its claims. 

Hydro Boost Boost Gel Cream 

Only now starting to truly realise the importance of taking care of my neck and chest, I decided to pick this up for those areas. I don’t want to use my très expensive products on those larger areas because they can’t absorb product like your facial skin can. I apply it every morning and evening, and it really leaves my skin hydrated and supple. I really do like it. Apparently the Water Gel is also really good, so maybe I’ll pick that up next.

Update: I’ve started using this on my face and I freaking love it! I apply it after my essence and CE Ferulic and then apply sun cream. It hydrates my skin so well, my foundation never looks cakey and my skin is just happy. If you have dry skin and you haven’t tried it, go go go!

Available from Clicks (who are currently having a 3 for 2 promotion), Dis Chem and Foschini. 

I have a soft spot for green beauty. I figure if I can get the same results from a product that contains natural ingredients versus chemicals, I’ll always go for natural.

Aloe Unique skin care products blend vitamins with locally and ecologically-harvested Aloe Ferox plant ingredients, in a paraben-free formula.

The locally run Cape Town based family business boasts over 20 years experience in the Aloe industry. In the interests of health and in line with caring for the environment, all of their products are paraben-free and come in recyclable containers


Aloe Ferox is twenty times stronger than Aloe Vera. And since Aloe Vera is well known for its moisturising, healing and restorative powers, with Aloe Ferox you know you’re onto a winner. Benefits include that it moisturises, accelerates wound healing, fights ageing, reduces acne and infection and lightens blemishes. 



This potent, highly-concentrated serum kickstarts skin’s age-defying powers to help prevent and reverse the appearance of lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Consisting of high levels of Aloe Ferox leaf extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Borage Oil, this Aloe Ferox-based formula is packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants to boost skin’s natural age-defying defenses.”

I love layering products and I love a good serum. This serum doesn’t have your typical, silk like consistency. It’s smooth but a little bit sticky, but goes on easily. It smells fresh and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft.

 You can get your hands on a 50ml bottle for the price of R256.00 here.


This emollient cream delivers a blast of moisture and protection to leave skin hydrated, plump and even-toned. With a unique delivery system, this Aloe Ferox-based formula packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamins E and C, helps effectively stimulate collagen production and increase elasticity. Protects against free radical damage and lessens visible lines and wrinkles. Skin looks fresh, firm and more youthful.”

The Aloe Unique Age Defying Day Cream has a creamy texture, but isn’t heavy. On it’s own it isn’t hydration enough for me (I have dehydrated skin). It leaves my skin feeling comfortable and smooth.

A 50ml jar will cost you R135.00. Available here.


This ultra-nourishing night cream delivers a powerful boost of lasting hydration, fortifying skin and replenishing moisture lost during the day. With a powerful anti-aging combination, this emollient-rich Aloe Ferox-based formula helps jumpstart collagen production overnight for a younger, glowing and even-toned appearance.

The Ultra-nourishing Night Cream has a thicker and richer texture than the day cream. It’s really an instant shot of hydration boost, and leaves my skin feeling nourished, comfortable and soft

Available for R155.00 for a 50ml jar here.

should you try it?

I appreciate Aloe Unique’s mission, which is to ethically and sustainably build their brand and produce the highest quality of affordable health and skin care product. I love how gentle yet effective this product line is. I love the fresh, subtle fragrance of the products. And I love that I’m using natural, plant based ingredients on my face. All in all, my skin is happy and loving these aloe ferox based products. I do sometimes pop my Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 on from time to time, because if I don’t, we all know what happens. The range is also really well priced. 

You can learn more about Aloe Unique here.

Your skin doesn’t end at your neck, it continues all over your body, but a lot of people neglect their chest and neck areas (guilty as charged). Especially in winter. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

As we age, and with babies, the sun (basically life), our skin starts to show up as less and less perfect. The décolletage skin is different and thinner from the rest of our bodies – meaning that it gets damaged more quickly. This is why taking good care of it is a must. I kinda reeled in shock the other day when I realised that I haven’t really ever paid attention to my décolleté and that it looks different from the skin on my face. 

When I received Mio’s Boob Tube + I promised myself I would use it religiously for a few weeks to report back to you. The process wasn’t gruelling at all, and if I can do it, you can too. I either applied it in the evening just before bed or after a shower. 


The lotion is thick and silky and one pump is enough to cover my neck, décolleté and chest. It absorbs really quickly, isn’t sticky and allows you to get dressed immediately. The scent is fresh and citrusy and the results are instant in terms of smoothness. After 2 weeks I noticed my skin firming up. This cream provides lots of moisture and nourishment. My skin looks healthier, is softer and has a bit of a glow. This is thanks to the omegas, organic shea butter and hyaluronic acid that  help maintain skin elasticity and CoQ10 for smoother looking skin.

If skin smoothing and firming is what you are looking for then this is the product for you!

To find a stockist near you or to order directly from Poise Brands go here,  or you can call them on +27 11 033 0500.

P.S. This Boob Tube is different to the Pregnancy Boob Tube Bust Protection Cream, which contains antioxidant milk thistle which helps to improve the appearance of skin and is suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

P.S.S. While doing some research for this piece, I came across an article entitled 99 Things to Call Your Boobs. There are some screamers, check it out here.

If the dull, dry winter air attacks your skin or it looks a bit blah or lacklustre, do yourself a favour and get a tube of Exuviance. Don’t you like short reviews?

I waited until the air was really dry to break out this beauty, because my skin has been behaving, thanks to these amazing products. Exuviance is a luxurious, deep hydration treatment for dry skin, which also helps neutralize daily oxidative stress, strengthening the skin’s barrier. It smells like a dream and has a silky water-gel formula that literally melts into your skin as you put it on.

It contains Prodew, a blend of amino acids that mimic your skin’s natural moisturising factor. It forms a layer on the skin and drips moisture into your skin over time, via a time release system. It also contains Lilac Leaf Cell Culture to counteract free radicals and pollution and Bionics and Evening Primrose Oil to strengthen skin’s protective barrier.

It isn’t for nightly use, but can be used 2-3 times a week, or when your skin feels dehydrated or stressed. Apply a thin layer to your skin, wait 5 minutes and then follow up with a moisturiser to seal in the benefits and to maintain surface hydration. When my skin is ESPECIALLY dry, I am so happy that I can use Exuviance and I will literally wake up glowing! My skin feels supple and comfortable and looks beautifully plump, youthful and smooth the morning after I use it. My magic trick? If I know I’m going to an event, I use it the night before to make sure my skin looks its best. I love that I’m able to use it over my whole face, and that I can use it to specifically target a certain area, like my eye area. I usually always use this the night after I apply retinol, and it fits so nicely into my skincare routine. I love it and can highly recommend it!

Available in a 50ml tube for a RRSP of R840 here and here or contact to find your nearest stockist.

I don’t know how many of you actually enjoy winter. I mean snuggling, being cozy and hot chocolate are definitely a thing, but dry skin isn’t. I used to battle with dry skin and it feels so amazing to say “used to”. Metacell Renewal B3 is the new wonder product from Skinceuticals that reduces wrinkles, tightens skin surface elasticity and evens skin tone. It also corrects early symptoms of photo-ageing and reduces the appearance of discolouration and redness. It also hydrates like a MOFO!

Winter in S.A. means dehydrated skin. Especially in JHB. There’s a lot of trans-epidermal water loss going on. South Africans usually also have more sun damage because of our climate. In addition to climate related skin issues, we’re also all ageing. Early signs of ageing start from top layer of skin all the way down. As we age, more freckles and dark spots appear, we might have to deal with redness or blotchiness due to inflammation and weakening of blood vessels, and our skin surface starts to lose its tightness due to lack of collagen production because of weakened fibroblasts. Sounds like fun!

Metacell Renewal B3 is a cocktail of 3 power ingredients. Niacinimide improves the barrier function, addresses the early signs of ageing, decreases inflammation and reduces sun damage and pigmentation, a tightening tri-peptide concentrate stimulates the skins own production of hyaluronic acid and glycerin, which is a powerful humectant with good skin-repairing properties.

It’s lightweight gel-lotion texture, which makes this an all skin-types formula. It has a beautiful, smooth texture, absorbs in a flash and it leaves your skin feeling like SILK. My skin looks so clear and hydrated and beautiful and almost flawless after I use this. I noticed a difference in my skin texture after a week of using this product, and in my pigmentation after a month. I am really loving Skinceuticals. It seems like all their products are a hit. If you have dry skin, and you need a solution, you can read all about how Skinceuticals changed my skin for the better here

I love how this product layers and fits into my everyday routine. Some days I use it day and night as my moisturiser, and other times, as a special treatment for when I feel that there’s something not right with my skin, when it’s dry, dull or lackluster. I also find that when I exfoliate with either of my two favourite exfoliators, this product really sinks in and works its magic even better.

The product comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pump. The packaging is fab as the frosted glass provides protection to light sensitive ingredients, and the pump gives the perfect amount of product for your face.  

If you’re 25-40 or just starting to see signs of aging, this is a great choice. If you’re older and/or see more visible sun damage, you would need to use a few other products as well to round out your anti-ageing regimen. Maybe a retinol product? Skinceuticals make a divine one. 

Available in a 50ml bottle for R1799. You can find it online here and here and at your nearest available retail stockist here.

What is your skin saviour?