On Monday I went to a viewing of Triumph’s Spring/Summer 2013 lingerie collection at the lavish Monarch Hotel in Rosebank. It was an intimate gathering where fashion editors and bloggers were introduced to the sporty, maternity and sexy ranges within the collection.

Being an active gal, I’m always on the lookout for a good looking sports bra with adequate support. After the viewing on Monday, I don’t think I will ever have to look elsewhere! Triumph has a bra for every category of fitness, so whether you’re into yoga or spinning, boxing or CrossFit, they have a bra just for you. They have an Actiometer that helps you to choose the correct bra for your activity level. Gone are the days where your only choice was black, white or grey. Triumph Triaction bras come in an array of gorgeous colours to make your gym outfit that much more interesting because fashion doesn’t stop at the gym, lovelies!

I was also très impressed by Triumph’s maternity range! I haven’t had a baby, but my sister has, so that counts right? I’ve seen some of the the maternity bras out there, and they aren’t so pretty. Triumph has cute and stylish bras that give you support while you are feeding and they also have support wear that holds and supports your bump in comfort.

The Seductive Collection is gorgeous! The pieces are made from luxurious fabrics and include a lot of attention to detail. For the price point, you can’t afford not to look sexy! Look out for Triumph in Stuttafords, Edgars and Foschini.

P.S. Watch out for some exciting new pieces from the brand! Designers for Triumph South Africa are taking inspiration from a gorgeous line designed by Helena Christensen for Triumph (which is sadly not available in South Africa).

Tom Ford sells sexy better than any brand can. From his collections for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent (1994-2004) to his bold full-frontal ad campaigns for his fragrance and eyewear collections (which caused quite a stir), this man knows no boundaries when it comes to the realm of sexy. Scandalous ads aside, I personally think that Tom Ford’s Beauty adverts are the classiest and sexiest in the industry. It’s very easy to go trashy when you’re aiming for sexy, and not sexy if you overshoot the classy mark, but he gets the balance just right. I like how Ford himself appears in a lot of adverts. His perfectly groomed stubble is as much a part of the the company’s branding efforts as the glossy red lips and smokey eyes shown on featured models. It also doesn’t hurt that Mr Ford is extremely easy on the eyes!