Yesterday I had an INOAR G.Hair B-Tox Treatment for my hair at the Dunkeld Sorbet Dry Bar. What exactly is it, you ask? With a lot of Vit C & E, it doesn’t consist of any botox but has the same effect on hair, as botox has on the face.

First up, let’s talk about the divine Dry Bar itself. It’s situated between a coffee shop and a flower shop, where I bought a beautiful bunch of sweet peas (that they delivered to the salon), and the ladies make you feel right at home. It was abuzz with ladies having manis, pedis and blow outs. Gloria, the lady who did my treatment, was so friendly and Thandi, the lady who blow dried my hair, made sure I had a stack of the latest fashion magazines, champagne and a cappuccino. What else could a girl ask for?

The treatment started by me having my hair washed, after which the Botox treatment was applied. After that, cling film was wrapped around my head and after 20 minutes, it was rinsed out. Thandi have me blow dry options and I opted for a bit of bounce. 

I left feeling like a million bucks, with bouncy, delicious smelling hair. 

B-TOX G.Hair prolongs the effect of your hair realignment, contributing to frizz reduction while making the hair softer. Developed with fatty acids and grape extract, rich in vitamins E, C and beta carotene, it moisturises and recomposes the hair fiber, offering hair realignment from the first use, contributing to healthy hair growth and its strengthening. B-TOX G.Hair ensures smoother and healthier shiny hair.

I can say that my hair feels stronger today, like it has a new lease on life. It’s still bouncy, shiny and feels like it has been fortified, if that makes sense at all. It also feels a little fuller.

Some fun facts:

  • Botox is designed as a quick and instant fix for damaged hair.
  • Even though it contains formaldehyde, there are no fumes as the treatment will not be ironed in.
  • Can be done as a stand alone treatment after colour or as a booster in between Brazilian treatments.

Prices range from R690 for short hair, R790 for medium length hair and R890 for long hair.

The INOAR Ghair Botox Treatment is EXCLUSIVE to INOAR Stockist Hair Salons and Sorbet Dry BarsCall the Dunkeld Sorbet Bar on 011 325 2921 or 076 211 4554 or visit them here.

During winter, it’s not just your skin that suffers from the dry air. Your hair suffers too. Dry air from heaters and the cold and dry winter air robs hair of moisture. Here are a few tips to help combat dry winter hair.

keep washing  to a minimum

To prevent your hair from drying out too much, was your hair 2-3 times a week and always make sure you dry your hair before leaving the house. The moisture in your hair combined with the cold air will further damage your hair by making it brittle and dry.

Condition Right

Your hair needs all the moisture it can get during winter, so condition away! To keep dryness at bay, use a good hair masque or hot oil treatment once a week for deeper conditioning. Daily conditioners only deal with the surface of the hair, while a hair masque can deliver powerful nourishment and hydration to your follicles. Make sure that you use a moisturising masque, and not a protein masque, as it could dry your hair out even more! Stay away from the protein in winter, lovelies.

Shine And Bounce

After you’ve washed your hair, comb it out with a wide-toothed comb and apply raw honey to your hair from the roots to the tips. Cover up with a shower cap for 30 minutes and rinse. Honey is a humectant that seals in the moisture and helps restore shine and bounce to dull and damaged hair.

Coconuts for Olive Oil

Warm up two teaspoons of coconut or olive oil and massage it slowly on your scalp. This slow massaging helps the oil penetrate deep into the roots and will help to keep your scalp moisturized and improve blood circulation.

Drying Your Hair

The way you dry your hair can contribute to damage and breakage. Don’t ever rub your hair dry with a towel as the friction will cause damage. The best way to dry your hair is to gently squeeze the excess moisture out with a towel and then use a blow dryer on the medium setting. If, like everyone else on the planet, you’re using the hottest setting to speed things up, make sure that you’re holding your hairdryer 15 centimeters away from your head.


The new Ultimate Blends offering from Garnier  is especially for sensitive scalps and fragile hair, enriched with rice cream to moisturise and protect and oat milk to soothe and soften. Rice cream has hydrating properties and Oat milk is rich in Vitamin B1, calcium and iron.

The packaging is pretty and the bottles are creamy white and pink. The shampoo is white and creamy and lathers up nicely. The conditioner is thicker, although not too thick, and smells so yummy. Every time I use it, I can’t stop smelling my hair. There is also a thicker conditioner in the form of a Hydrating Balm Mask, but I can’t say how it works because I haven’t tried it. 

Tester under dermalogical supervision, users tested it as 95% gentle for their scalp, 97% provides a soothing sensation to the scalp, 95% soothes the sensations of an itching scalp, 93% gentle on my hair and 95% cleans hair very well. Results confirm that the shampoo is very well tolerated and can be used by the whole family (adults and children above 3 years). I don’t have sensitive scalp, only dry hair, so I can’t say how it will work for sensitive scalps.

Overall, my hair feels silky soft and bouncy and never heavy. The formula is light enough to nourish but not heavy enough to weigh my hair down. I love the fact that the formulation is free of parabens and contains natural extracts. It does contain silicons.

The Ultimate Blends range has a wide offering. For damaged and prone to breakage hair, go for the Honey Treasures kind, for very dry & damaged hair, Avocado oil & Shea butter is your solution, for normal hair, try the 5 Plant range, for dry & frizzy hair try the Coconut oil & Cocoa butter variant and for colour treated hair go for the Argan oil & Cranberry range.


I am in love with this new range from Garnier. It feels like lush, luxe hair care but at a really reasonable price point. 

I was a bridesmaid recently, and my hair was busy doing its thing, growing out of a bob. It was in kind of an in-between phase, and I was a little bored of it. I decided I wanted to speed up this process and after some research decided to go with Quick Grow. I read a few of the reviews and was happy enough. My bestie even told me that someone at her work used it and it worked for her.

Did it work for me?

Not so much. Quick Grow recommends that you get the Advanced Amino Capsules, which I never did. Even though I got the shampoo and the conditioner for myself in the hopes of longer hair faster, I still can’t get my head around how a shampoo or conditioner, as in something from the outside, can grow your hair faster. I call BS. Especially after one retail assistant told me that it caused her hair to grow 3cm within a month. It’s also not the most hydrating when it comes to hair care, and if you don’t condition every single strand of hair, your hair can be quite straw-like. On the plus side, I LOVED the fresh scent that it gave my hair. Loved.

In this age of instant gratification, it’s tempting to go after quick fixes. Sadly, most times they don’t work. Even though I’m a skeptic when it comes to beauty companies making bold claims, I got myself some Quick Grow in the hope that my hair would grow quicker. My advice? Get some grape seed extract, silica, folic acid and minerals to get the goodness on the inside.

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Ever since I cut my hair into a long bob, I have been styling it more. When I had long hair, I could sweep it into a high pony or whip it into a messy braid. With a bob, it’s pretty limiting in that your hair needs to be down every day. Heat damage every day is not a good thing.

I also got highlights put in 2 months ago, and even though my hair is cared for by the most brilliant hairdresser ever (Shelene from Tanaz), bleach is still bleach.

To add to the madness, 3 weeks ago I was feeling SUPER restless with my hair so I went to Clicks, got a box of Garnier hair colour and coloured my hair.

I wanted a light brown tinge to deepen the strawberry blonde I’ve got going on, but the result was a flat, dark brown. Not great. So I read online about how to lighten your hair naturally, without chemically processing it and found the one that fit my lifestyle the most: bicarb. The other option I considered was to spray my hair with a mixture of lemon juice and chamomile tea and then sit in the sun for an age. And aint nobody got time for that.

So I got some bicarb, took it to the shower with me, and got busy rubbing it in. My hair was about 5% lighter after that. The next day, I did it again, and this time my hair was about 15% lighter in total. I repeated this two days later, and my hair was about 25% lighter in total. I was kinda pleased with the results, until I noticed that my ends, and especially my highlighted bits, looked particularly frazzled and damaged. The kind of damage where my split ends have split ends.

A while back, I received some Kerastase Therapiste (basically ICU for hair), but had never used it because my hair wasn’t overly damaged. I pulled it out and oh my gosh, guys! It has been a lifesaver!

what is it?

Kerastase Therapiste is hair care for damaged locks.

who is it for?

Different types of damage accumulate. Hair might look glam yet, in reality, it’s in a state of shock. If your hair feels shabby, if your hair breaks when you brush it, if it looks sad, brittle, over processed or the colour looks dull and dreary you’re the ideal candidate for a bit of TLC from Therapiste.

How does it work?

When hair becomes damaged, important proteins disappear, which consequently disrupts the internal structure of the fibre and leads to its gradual collapse. Therapiste contains an an exclusive Kérastase compound called FIBRA-KAP – designed to compensate for the loss of proteins, and to ensure the structure of the hair. These tiny proteins link keratins to each other and attach them together. It also contains 6 amino acids, a wheat protein derivative and a powerful gluco-peptide to supply the follicle with the energy necessary to activate KAPs synthesis. Added to that is the inclusion of the miracle of nature ingredient, the resurrection plant – a vascular climbing plant that grows in the world’s most arid regions. It has the unique ability to come back to life after undergoing a near death state. During the most severe droughts, this unique plant loses its green colour and up to 97% of its mass, retracting its stems, in order to concentrate precious vital elements at its core. When once again in contact with water, in a true feat of nature, the resurrection plant regains its original casing and begins a new cycle of life.

how do you use it?

Kerastase offers 2 routines for thick and fine hair types. Since my hair is fine, this is how I used the products:

I started by using the Soin Premier Conditioner Therapiste (R360 for 200ml), which is like ‘co-washing’ or the ‘reverse-poo’ method. Soin Premier is a beautiful velvet-like conditioner, formulated to bind the hair in the manner of a protective gauze. It works to infuse the fibre with softness so it is protected during washing. I had to get used to conditioning my hair before shampooing, but the switch left my hair feeling softer and bouncier. It has a delicate, floral scent and gets absorbed instantly. I kept it on for 2 minutes and then moved onto shampooing my hair.

Bain Thérapiste (R300 for 250ml) is a concentrated shampoo that produces fine bubbles, akin to a mousse texture. It envelops the hair in its loving foam, and my hair felt smoother after I used it. A little goes a long way.

Before I blow dry my hair, I finish off with the Serum Thérapiste (R500 for 30ml). It has the same soft, floral fragrance and is a combination of a serum and a cream. I apply it to my hair to protect it from heat, and I really like it. Compared to a lot of other serums, it is incredibly light and doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it feel oily.

On some days, I’ll use the Masque Thérapiste (R475 for R200ml) as a treatment. It’s thick and creamy and has the same light, floral scent. The texture is a mixture of a gel and a whipped body butter. I use it when I bath so I can leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and my hair is always soft and smooth and smells pretty

For thick hair, the routine goes Bain Therapiste followed by the Masque and then the Serum.


I love how pampered, cared for and soft my hair looks after using the Therapiste range. Each strand feels like it’s been coated, but in the best way. My hair is light and bouncy and feels super soft. I would definitely repurchase.

What is your hair confession?

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I love having different hairstyles. I think hair can be a great accessory and can finish off an outfit. How many times have you seen the fashion police go off on a celeb for making the wrong hairstyle choice with a gown? Personally I love a chic, sleek look and then also a messy vibe – like I didn’t try at all. New to the hair world are these heroes, and I love using them to create these looks.

new ha2ir



The process of getting my hair nice and glossy begins in the shower. I start off by using the shampoo and conditioner from the L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil range, which was developed for dry hair. Even if you don’t have dry hair (which is a tough ask in winter) your hair is left feeling incredibly soft and nourished, and never weighed down. The Nourishing Shampoo (R49.95 for 250ml) does a good job of lathering up and the Nourishing Conditioner (R49.95 for 250ml) is nice and rich and reminds me of liquid honeycomb. Even though that sounds delicious, neither the shampoo nor the conditioner smell amazing. When I’m brave enough, and if I REALLY want my hair glossy, I’ll finish off by rinsing it with cold water (I first rinse it completely with my warm shower water, and just finish it off with a blast of cold water). I promise, it works. The cold water seals the cuticles and my hair is always shinier when I do this. After I’ve wrapped my hair in a towel, I use another super absorbent towel especially for hair (you know what I’m taking about, right? I can’t find any examples online to show you). This helps to get most of the water out of my hair and lessens drying time. Also, I’m a little bit lazy when it comes to hair things. Once I’m happy that it’s semi-dry, I apply a pump of Moroccanoil Blow-Dry Concentrate from mid-lengths to ends. The Blow-Dry Concentrate is for coarse, unruly hair, and although my hair is fine with a slight wave to it, I’ve heard how it works miracles with thicker, more difficult hair. Also, because of my hair’s texture, I just use a bit less than recommended. R395 for a bottle might sound steep, but a little goes a long way. It has the delicious signature Moroccanoil scent to it and gets the job done right! After I’ve dried my hair (always upside down for better volume) I mist on some GHD Heat Protect Spray and then get on with straightening with my GHD straightener. Once the straightening is done, I apply a teeny bit of the Blow-Dry Concentrate to smooth any flyaways, and silky, lustrous locks are mine. Boom.



The undone look takes just as much effort, if not more, as the sleek chic look. For this look, I use pretty much any shampoo and conditioner, but tend to favour these guys. Once my hair is clean, I use the same towels as above. Once my hair is semi-dry, I use GHD Heat Protector Spray and apply a dollop of L’Oreal Studio Pro Boost It Volume Mousse* all over my hair, concentrating on the roots. The trick is not to use too much, otherwise your newly clean, fresh head of hair will look dirty and product-laden. It gives my hair a nice injection of volume that lasts for a decent amount of time (although not 48 hours, as the product suggests). It also smells crazy good. Once my hair is dry, I use my Babyliss Pro Titanium Tourmaline 38 mm Hair Curling Iron, which I adore. It makes the easiest, coolest waves and my hair looks perfectly messy after I spritz a bit of L’Oreal Studio Pro Boost It Volume Hairspray to hold the look in place. To finish off, I spray a bit of Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo (R395 for 205ml) on my roots for extra volume. Important to remember, when you want that tousled, undone look, don’t use any serum as it can weigh your waves down. Who has messy, glossy hair though right?

* Sometimes I’ll dry just blow dry my hair at night and apply some mousse to my roots and clip my hair up. In the morning, I brush it out and it gives me great volume. Then I continue on with heat styling.

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