Hi lovelies, the other day I received a cute press drop from Essence, and wanted to tell you all about the new goodies they’re offering.

My must haves palette & refills

First up, I have to mention their new palette offering, because it’s super cute. There are 4-colour and 8-colour palettes available to be personalized, and the cool thing is that you can mix eye shadows, blushes and lip powders together for the perfect travel companion. What’s a lip powder you ask? It’s a lip colour in powder form that you apply over a base (a vaseline-y, lip-ice base) that fixes the powder to your lips. Essence has their own pink lip base for the lip powder, but I imagine you could use any lip balm. 

There are 20 eyeshadows, five blushes and three lip powders to choose from – with various effects like shimmer, satin and matte, a highlighter and a bronzer as well as fixing powder. All you need to do is choose your favourite products and colours and click them into place. 

I got 01 Go Goldie, which is a really pretty satiny gold shade, 18 Black as a Berry, which is a gorgeous deep aubergine shade that comes out a dark brown purple shade and 06 Rasperry Frosting, which is a sparkly pink shade that I will never use – plus the colour payoff isn’t great. My advice? Stick with the satin and matte shades. 

The best part about all of this? The price. The empty 4-colour palette is available for around R35, the empty 8-colour palette around R45 and each of the 32 individual colours for around R35. 

Volume Stylist 18h Lash Extension Mascara

I didn’t like this mascara much, sadly. It was a tad dry and didn’t do much for my lashes. Essence usually has some really impressive mascara offerings. Maybe it was just a dry tube. Available for around R65.


luminous matte bronzing powder

I love this matte bronzing powder! It creates a subtle, sun-kissed look and the shimmering core adds the teensiest amount of shimmer. I highly recommend it. Available for around R65. 


shine shine shine lipgloss

If you’re into super shiny, wet-look lips, this is your jam. The gloss itself has a thin consistency, which means that its not tacky. The applicator is tapered and easy to use, and the gloss glides on smoothly. The colour payoff is also really good. My lips look sexy and glam with this gloss on. The range offers all colours, from nudes to bolds. Around R45 each.

I love how affordable Essence cosmetics are! Who doesn’t like budget friendly beauty? 

With the Naked palette reaching cult status, clearly there is something about neutrals that gets everyone excited. Essence has released some pretty new products in pleasing neutral tones.

essence all about nudes 02 eyeshadow

The All About Nudes palette contains 8 nude colours from matte to metallic, with one extra shimmery shade. They are easy to apply and the overall texture is very soft and almost dense, like a cream eye shadow. The shades are nicely pigmented, with the matte shades being slightly longer-lasting. I wore the shades having prepped my eyelids with Mac Painterly and they didn’t crease. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an eyeshadow palette with wearable, natural shades, go out and get this palette. There are 5 palettes in this range, including Bronzes, Roses, Greys and Vintage. Available from Clicks for R76.95.


Also new are these gorgeous Liquid Lipsticks. They combine the coverage of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. How genius! The packaging is very pretty to look at – simple, transparent and clean. I tried out shade 03 Almost Real, which is a classic warm nude. It’s super pigmented and gives great coverage, the perfect partner for smokey, dramatic eyes. Because it’s so beautifully pigmented, it almost blanks out my lips and I end up looking a bit lifeless (maybe I’m not used to extremely nude lips). If I wear it with my day makeup, I  line my lips with a pink liner and apply this over for a more vibrant pink toned nude. I am very impressed! The formula is perfect – sticky enough without being too tacky and not too thin or runny. It isn’t too long wearing, so be ready to reapply if you’re going to be drinking or eating. It also smells delicious, like vanilla. Available in six shades from Clicks at R47.95.