Dehydrated skin is a common skin condition. You can even have dehydrated oily skin, that’s how far reaching it is. I suffer from dehydrated skin, so I know the schlep it takes to keep it hydrated (skin masks, sheet masks, serums, creams, mists). Dehydrated skin isn’t a good look. Have you ever seen a good looking prune?

Hyaluronic acid is key to maintaining hydrated skin, and Neutrogena’s new Hydro Boost contains a Hylauronic Gel Matrix to provide hydration.

Here’s what Neutrogena say about their new range:  “Forget moisturisation, start thinking hydration. NEW from Neutrogena®, Hydro Boost® is your complete hydration regime. For skin so hydrated and supple, it bounces back.”

Hydro Boost Cleanser Water Gel

If I use a cleanser that’s too harsh for my skin, it leaves it feeling tight. Not this one. It smells like a dream, foams up nicely and does a super job of cleaning my skin as step 2 in my double cleanse regime. All in all, it’s my favourite gel/foaming drugstore cleanser of all time and I will buy it for as long as they make it (or until another better one comes around). It’s my favourite for two reasons: price point (low) and quality (high). Available for around R100.

Hydro Boost Exfoliator Smoothing Gel

By now you all know that exfoliating is good for your skin. Every day there’s a build up of skin cells on your skin’s surface which can leave it looking dull and dry. Exfoliating gets rid of this old skin, revealing younger looking skin. Products also penetrate better when your skin is fresh. Whether your choice is chemical or physical, I love both and I keep this one from Neutrogena in the shower. It’s not the best in terms of exfoliating, but I like it because I use Drunk Elephant’s Babyfacial once a week (which is quite intense), Filorga’s Oxygen Peel in the morning and Dermafix’s Derma Polish, so this is just an in-betweener as well as a facial cleanser. I think I’ll carry on buying it for the shower. If you’re buying it for exfoliating purposes, you’ll be disappointed. Around R100. 

Hydro Boost City Shield Hydrating Lotion SPF 25

This sun cream is beautiful! It’s a pale blue, gel cream and smells just as gorgeous as the rest of the range. It goes on evenly and is kind and loving to my skin. Even though in my mind it’s a low factor of just 25, I use this when I know I’m not going in the sun that day. It’s not good enough for my sun days, but it’s an amazing and affordable sun care option for office days. Around R140.

I’m in love with this range. It definitely does provide more hydration and strips skin less, smells delightful and is so affordable. In my opinion, it lives up to all its claims. 

Hydro Boost Boost Gel Cream 

Only now starting to truly realise the importance of taking care of my neck and chest, I decided to pick this up for those areas. I don’t want to use my très expensive products on those larger areas because they can’t absorb product like your facial skin can. I apply it every morning and evening, and it really leaves my skin hydrated and supple. I really do like it. Apparently the Water Gel is also really good, so maybe I’ll pick that up next.

Update: I’ve started using this on my face and I freaking love it! I apply it after my essence and CE Ferulic and then apply sun cream. It hydrates my skin so well, my foundation never looks cakey and my skin is just happy. If you have dry skin and you haven’t tried it, go go go!

Available from Clicks (who are currently having a 3 for 2 promotion), Dis Chem and Foschini. 

This post is going to be short and sweet, just like the amount of time it takes for me to get gorgeous eyebrows with Maybelline’s Eyestudio Brow Drama Pomade Crayon.

When I use eyebrow pencil, it takes a bit of time because lines all over your face aren’t sexy. You gotta be precise. Not with the Maybelline Eyestudio Brow Drama Pomade Crayon. It tames and shapes brows with little technique needed and requires almost no effort.

What is it exactly?

It’s a smooth, creamy, pigmented, wax crayon that applies easily to your brows, which you then comb through. It has a soft consistency but it won’t melt on you. It has amazing staying power and usually lasts me from morning until evening. My brows don’t need a complete overhaul so just a little touch of this and I am set.

brow 2

How do you use it?

Comb your brows with a spoolie. Run the crayon through your brows. Brush with a spoolie one more time and then set with a clear or tinted brow gel. I love to use L’Oreal’s Brow Artist Plumper in Light/Medium. It beats any other brow gel out there when it comes to price, formula, ability to hold brows in place, and convenience of brush size. The formula contains fibres which helps to thicken your brows and the hold is so strong, it lasts all day. Read my full review here.
brow 1

Should you try it?

Absolutely! It’s so creamy, pigmented, quick and easy to use, and inexpensive – perfect for every day use. In saying that, I would only suggest it to those with thicker and fuller brows. Because of the blunt, fat crayon end, it’s impossible to draw in fake hairs. The blunt edge also can’t help you get a thin, clean line at the tail of your brow. If you just want to darken your brows a bit or fill in sparse areas, this is a great product. Available in 3 shades (dark brown, light brown and blond) at a RRSP of R129.95 only at Clicks.
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I’m super into beauty hacks and I always recommend to my clients that if you only have 3 minutes to get ready, the four items you really need are blush (or bronzer for those who don’t like actual colour but want something to define your cheeksmascara, a tinted or clear eyebrow gel and a lip gloss. Now, this can vary according to what you most need and your four things could include a bit of concealer, but the combinations basically revolve around the essential items I’ve just mentioned. With your eyes, lips and cheeks defined, your look is complete.

Finding most makeup essentials is usually a breeze for me but for some reason, finding a blush that suits me induces a Bermuda Triangle-like state. They’re either too sparkly or too pink or too orange and then I just get fed up and leave whichever makeup counter I’m at. Blush is not something I like to dabble in. Lipsticks – any day. Bronzer – no problem. Blush – eeeeeek!

With the launch of their new Face Studio blushes, Maybelline have set my heart at ease and I no longer feel anxious around blush. Because of the extensive range of (perfect) colours available, I have found a new friend that I’m sticking to.

I got 5 colours, and I’m mesmerized by just how pretty they are. Coral Fever 90 is a beautiful, iridescent, golden, spicy orange shade, Peach Pop 100 is a matte melon orange shade, Cosmopolitan 60 is a fun, matte, creamy peach shade, Rose Madison 70 is a very cool toned, pretty pink and Dare to Pink 80 is a vibrant, intense rosy pink. The shades range from soft and demure to bold and bright, so there’s something for everyone and every skin tone.

BLUSH Dare to Pink

Besides being gorgeous, they wake the skin up without feeling too loud or too bright. The colours are are really nicely pigmented and they stay true and don’t oxidise. The colour payoff is wonderful, and is comparable to my higher-end blushes. They last well, with an average 6-7 hours before needing a touch up. Overall, I love everything about these blushes, especially the healthy glow they produce.

The blushes come in sleek, black, slide-open containers that click neatly into place when you’re done. The packaging can be quite irritating, especially on days where you’re busy thinking about other things and forget how to open them. I’m interested to see how well this new packaging holds up. In my experience, drugstore brands tend to skimp on packaging, and with use, all my drugstore products (containers) inevitably break.

You can get your hands on these new babies at Dis-Chem, Clicks, Edgars, Pick n PayFoschini stores for R99,95.

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I’ve been lucky to find quite a few mascaras landing on my beauty desk lately. Instead of trying them one by one, I created a ‘to-try’ pile and tested them all out over a two week period. Here are my thoughts …

L’Oreal Butterfly Effect Fibres False Lash Wings Mascara

False Lash Butterfly Wings mascara instantly volumises at the roots and stretches your lashes outwards for a winged eye effect.

M Loreal Butterfly3

This mascara comes in a uniquely shaped metallic silver and royal blue tube. The brush is nifty and reminds me of a butterfly. I don’t find it too easy to use, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty cool. Where this mascara really stands out is when it comes to lift. My lashes were lifted from the second I applied it until I rinsed it off that evening (it comes off easily enough with micellar water). Seriously amazing. It did clump my lashes a bit, but I found that if I wait and sort of dry the formula a bit before applying it to my lashes, I get a better, less messy/clumpy result.

M Loreal Butterfly

Did it deliver on its promise? I don’t think it gives a winged out effect, but the formula did stretch my lashes, and the fibres definitely elongated my lashes. Maybe if I applied more out the outer corner, the winged out look would be achieved. I really like this one.

Available from Dischem or Clicks for a RRSP of R185.


Bourjois volume reveal radiant black mascara

Reveal your lash potential with Bourjois’ NEW Volume Reveal mascara. The built in mirror with x3 zoom reveals every lash whilst the lash catcher brush with gripping bristles ensures all lashes are volumised without exception!

M Bourjois volume reveal3

This mascara separates and defines each lash, making it look like I have a lot of lashes. I love the brush and the formula so much because even on application of the third layer, my lashes are lifted, black, separated and never clumpy. The mascara comes in a black triangle tube with a 3 x zoom mirror on one side. The idea of looking into a small mirror put me off at first, because I can’t be bothered with silly little mirrors, but I kind of changed my mind because the strip of mirror really zooms in on your eyes and is actually quite handy. You can only see the eye area, in sharp detail, which allows you to really focus on the job at hand. It also comes of with a few swipes of micellar water.

M Bourjois volume reveal

Did it deliver on its promise? It left my lashes long and defined and lifted and didn’t flake or smudge. I feel like the brush definitely grabbed and the formula coated every single lash, making them thicker from root to tip. What I especially love about this mascara is that you can achieve a beautiful, natural look or you can build it for more voluminous lashes. Big thumbs up for this one!

Available for R179.95 exclusively at Clicks and online here.

max factor Velvet volume

Transform your look with velvety, dark, more volumised lashes – your secret to a smouldering smokey eye.

m Max Factor Velvet3

The first time I tried this mascara, I wasn’t that impressed and I felt like it didn’t really pack a punch. The formula was a little bit dry (which I appreciate because I dislike super wet mascaras), but I felt like I had to really work to get it on my lashes (and then in doing so, got it on my upper eyelid). The first time I used it, it gave me more of a natural look but the second time I just kept on applying and managed to build the volume up quite nicely. It kind of redeemed itself from my first impression, and then I realised that it’s all about HOW you use your products. If you want volume, then build it up. This mascara is easy to remove and comes off with a swipe of micellar water. While nothing major, there was a hint of fallout and I had the tiniest bit of mascara on my lower lash line come evening time. The packaging is a cute, chubby black tube with gold art deco swirls.

m Max Factor Velvet3

Did it deliver on its promise? It doesn’t give me the volume that I thought it would, but I like the overall effect. I think it’s a great day time, clump-free mascara.

Available for R195.95. from selected Clicks stores country wide and online here.

Maybelline The falsies push up drama

Mascara that will take your lashes to the heights of big drama. Lift and look-at-me volume for days.”

M Maybelline3

While the formula isn’t super wet, it does contain fibres and the brush holds a lot of product. Because of the stickiness, my lashes went from bare to clumped in an instant and I had to use a spoolie to brush through my lashes to separate them. It’s not the easiest to apply to the top lashes, and quite difficult to apply to lower lashes, because of clumping and smudging. In terms of fallout, there was none in a 12 hour period. I’m kinda on the fence with this mascara. The first time I used it, my lashes looked a bit too clumpy for my liking up close but were actually ample and voluminous a bit further away from the mirror. The second and third time I used it my lashes clumped up majorly and I had to use a tweezers to painstakingly separate them (because tweezers were all I had!). I like the way my lashes look with this mascara on them but it’s a fight to get them to look that way. The packaging is a real winner! It’s a gorgeous metallic red and pink tube that clicks once the mascara is closed. I love that because sometimes you don’t close your mascara properly and then it dries out.

M Maybelline4

Did it deliver on its promise? This mascara definitely gave me lots of volume and it made my lashes super black, so I guess that’s the drama part.

Available from Dischem or Clicks for a RRSP of R149.95.

I hope this was helpful for you!


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Metallic silver, gold and copper tones are all the rage right now and will keep on going strong all spring/summer long. In honour of this pretty metallic trend, I did a beauty snoop and rounded up some beautiful eye makeup products to review. Witness the fitness right here…


These neutral shadows are a limited edition and come in a solid white palette decorated with gold stars. While the packaging is pretty, the casing isn’t the easiest to open. The case has a big, beautiful mirror, which I love because sometimes palettes are super stingy, giving you only a small strip of mirror. Inside, there are 8 colours, a great mix of browns, nudes and golds. The shadows are smooth, creamy and nicely pigmented and the colour payoff is great. Over an eyeshadow primer, they really pop and last nicely – from morning until early evening. Not all the shadows are the same though, with some of them being a bit chalky and not the easiest  to apply, coming off patchy and uneven. I feel like the palette is missing a light medium matte brown eye shadow for use as a transition shade. The applicator is nothing special, with both sides being the standard sponge applicator. I wish they would have made one end a brush because I don’t use the applicator at all. If you’re interested in this palette, swatch the shades on your hand before to see if you like the texture of the eye shadows. Around R150, available from Dis Chem.

catrice blaze of glory



In a previous post about what products to get rid of in your 30’s, I mentioned glitter eyeliner. While that still stands, I’m not averse to a chic hint of metallic liner. This gold liquid liner from Catrice is the perfect accompaniment to a heavy smoky eye, a simple winged liner look or to glam up your ordinary eyeshadow for a fabulous event. The applicator brush is a very thin and is good for applying a thin line of gold to your look. If you don’t have a steady hand, the pressure squishes the brush tip from being skinny to thick and your line ends up quite uneven. It’s a beautiful shade of gold (it looks slightly more green in the tube but goes on gold) and it brightens up my makeup when I wear it. Whenever I wear it I catch people looking at my eyes to figure out what’s going on. With this liner, I can have totally different look and for around R55, it’s an affordable way to add a little but of fun and glamour to your makeup looks.

Catrice_Liquid liner C01 Golden Grace



The first time I saw this on a fellow blogger, I went mad. She looked so good and I decided I had to have it. While I prefer more of an understated, matte makeup look for every day, this is SO beautiful for adding a hit of rose gold to your look. I specifically love to use this pencil for a smoky rose gold eye and bubblegum pink lips. I think it would also work well with a gorgeous red lip. The product is dual ended, with a deep brown kohl kajal liner on one side and a rose gold shimmer cream shadow on the other. Both ends are incredibly soft and this makes them easy to blend. Having said that, it’s quite easy to smoosh the tips, so go in with a light hand. Once you’ve applied and blended the cream shadow, it sets firmly in place thanks to the waterproof formula. It doesn’t smudge or migrate and is so long-wearing. The liner also sets, but comes off a lot more easily. Both ends are so highly pigmented and the rose gold shade is just sooooo beautiful. For around R95 (available from ClicksFoschini and even Takealot) these are simply amazing!

rimmel magnifeyesk


First up, this palette reminds me on my beloved Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I am obsessed with rose gold and I love anything that resembles the pretty rosy metallic. The L.A. Girl Nudes palette is a dead ringer for the Urban Decay Naked  palettes and is even packaged similarly. The 12 rose gold inspired shadows (3 matte, 9 shimmer) come in a sturdy cardboard palette with a small strip of mirror. The applicator has a brush at the one end and a sponge applicator tip at the other, which is fairly useful. I love the fact that there is a nude matte and two matte browns – one light witha hint of pink and the other light-medium. They are perfect for my skin tone and I love using them as transition and/or lid colours. I love a good mix of satin/shimmer and matte, and I feel like L.A. Girl made the right shades matte. I do kinda wish that there were more matte shades on offer, but I’m too mesmerized by the beautiful rose gold shades to care. The shadows last all day (over my MAC Painterly Paint Pot) and are just beautiful. Available from Dis-Chem for only R69. This price point is so amazing, and if you aren’t prepared to drop R650 on a Naked 3 palette, you can get your rose gold fix from this palette. I love.

la girl


Are you loving these pretty makeup colours as much as I am?

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