Review | Marc Jacobs Lip Vinyl Lip Gloss

I am slightly biased when it comes to Marc Jacobs. I love his creativity, his fragrances, and most of all his accessories. In my eyes, he can do no wrong. Okay, except for when he did this:

and then this:

But back to the post.

I was SUPER excited when I heard that Marc Jacobs Beauty would be launching in August 2013, and was even more excited when it dawned upon me that the launch would coincide with my travels to the Big Apple.

I hit Sephora hard on day 2 of my trip. I dashed to the Marc Jacobs Beauty stand as soon as I caught sight of it and then just kind of stood there absorbing it all. I ended up getting A LOT of products from Sephora, so out of cutely packaged foundations, Lash Lifters (mascaras) and Magic Marc’ers (felt tip eyeliners), I chose a Lip Vinyl (lip gloss).

The lip gloss says:

Champagne-grape infused. Light-hearted color. Lust worthy.

Satisfy your lipgloss craving with this champagne-grape infused lip vinyl in six lighthearted shades. This lightly pigmented, plumping formula delivers antioxidants, essential oils, and a hint of effervescence for a perfect pout with unparalleled shine. A patented, pillowed applicator provides a smooth application of shimmering color.

What I liked?

I loved the overall experience. I like the product, the packaging, the creativity and innovation behind the Marc Jacobs Beauty brand. It also smells delicious! It has a creamy vanilla scent but then produces a lip-cooling effect once applied. The lip gloss itself is a pretty pink colour and isn’t heavily pigmented, but quite sheer. Being a sheer gloss, you wouldn’t expect it to last too long, but it still managed to moisturise my pout after I had had some some drinks.

The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that the lip gloss settles in the fine lines of your lips, which is kind of unflattering.

Rating: 4.5/5
Product: 4/5
Packaging: 5/5
Quality: 4/5
Price: R290
Would I buy again?: Maybe, but with all the new products coming out, I’d probably try something else
Where to buy: not exactly easy to get hold of as it needs to be shipped over the big blue, but try Sephora or (if you know someone going to the States they can always bring one back for you).

Update on 21 January 2014: I’ve spotted the Lip Lacquer in 4 shades at a local online store here. I can’t get the exact page, as you need to log in to do so, so just search for it.