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I have a soft spot for green beauty. I figure if I can get the same results from a product that contains natural ingredients versus chemicals, I’ll always go for natural.

Aloe Unique skin care products blend vitamins with locally and ecologically-harvested Aloe Ferox plant ingredients, in a paraben-free formula.

The locally run Cape Town based family business boasts over 20 years experience in the Aloe industry. In the interests of health and in line with caring for the environment, all of their products are paraben-free and come in recyclable containers


Aloe Ferox is twenty times stronger than Aloe Vera. And since Aloe Vera is well known for its moisturising, healing and restorative powers, with Aloe Ferox you know you’re onto a winner. Benefits include that it moisturises, accelerates wound healing, fights ageing, reduces acne and infection and lightens blemishes. 



This potent, highly-concentrated serum kickstarts skin’s age-defying powers to help prevent and reverse the appearance of lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Consisting of high levels of Aloe Ferox leaf extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Borage Oil, this Aloe Ferox-based formula is packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants to boost skin’s natural age-defying defenses.”

I love layering products and I love a good serum. This serum doesn’t have your typical, silk like consistency. It’s smooth but a little bit sticky, but goes on easily. It smells fresh and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft.

 You can get your hands on a 50ml bottle for the price of R256.00 here.


This emollient cream delivers a blast of moisture and protection to leave skin hydrated, plump and even-toned. With a unique delivery system, this Aloe Ferox-based formula packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamins E and C, helps effectively stimulate collagen production and increase elasticity. Protects against free radical damage and lessens visible lines and wrinkles. Skin looks fresh, firm and more youthful.”

The Aloe Unique Age Defying Day Cream has a creamy texture, but isn’t heavy. On it’s own it isn’t hydration enough for me (I have dehydrated skin). It leaves my skin feeling comfortable and smooth.

A 50ml jar will cost you R135.00. Available here.


This ultra-nourishing night cream delivers a powerful boost of lasting hydration, fortifying skin and replenishing moisture lost during the day. With a powerful anti-aging combination, this emollient-rich Aloe Ferox-based formula helps jumpstart collagen production overnight for a younger, glowing and even-toned appearance.

The Ultra-nourishing Night Cream has a thicker and richer texture than the day cream. It’s really an instant shot of hydration boost, and leaves my skin feeling nourished, comfortable and soft

Available for R155.00 for a 50ml jar here.

should you try it?

I appreciate Aloe Unique’s mission, which is to ethically and sustainably build their brand and produce the highest quality of affordable health and skin care product. I love how gentle yet effective this product line is. I love the fresh, subtle fragrance of the products. And I love that I’m using natural, plant based ingredients on my face. All in all, my skin is happy and loving these aloe ferox based products. I do sometimes pop my Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 on from time to time, because if I don’t, we all know what happens. The range is also really well priced. 

You can learn more about Aloe Unique here.

Last month I was invited by Japanese brand Miniso to spend 2 days with them for their Change the World conference, and to attend the the launch of their brand in South Africa. Who is Miniso, you ask? It’s a Japan-based designer brand, co-founded in 2013 by Japanese designer Miyake Junya and Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu with the philosophy of “simplicity, nature and good quality”. Their product range is extensive and ranges from health and beauty items like cotton pads, face masks, tweezers and perfume to household items like hangers, glasses, pans and cutlery to toys, electrical items and even underwear! Their products are updated every seven days and are really well priced. 

We stayed at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton for 2 nights. The first day was a ‘free’ day where we got to check in, have dinner and relax. I invited my friend Michaella to the conference with me. On the second day, after breakfast we were taken to the opening of the new Miniso store in Norwood Mall. We were given the opportunity to do some VIP shopping, before we were whisked away to lunch at Moyo and then to the conference. At the conference, they shared their vision with us, and that is their plan to open 50 stores in South Africa creating more than 12 000 job opportunities. Miniso has over 1000 stores in 50 countries.
The welcoming ceremony at the opening of Norwood Mall
How beautiful is this flower wall?
This dance act was insane. So good.
Miniso offers high quality products under its energy saving blueprint and cooperates with global environmental protection organizations to provide environmentally friendly products to their consumers.
If you haven’t done so already, pop into Miniso for a really cool experience. They have a store at Menlyn and Norwood Mall.

If you spend quite a bit of time in the sun, or if you have sun-sensitive skin, your world is about to be rocked. In an attempt to encourage safer sun behaviour, La Roche-Posay has launched their new My UV Patch. It’s the first ever wearable, stretchable skin sensor that’s able to monitor UV exposure and, via its connection to a smartphone app, advise on the most appropriate way to stay protected. By scanning the patch with the app, you can keep a regular check on just how high your UV exposure levels are. Taking into account your unique skin tone, the app educates you on the amount of UV exposure your skin is receiving and offer tips on sun-safe behaviour (like telling you when to reapply sunscreen and making product recommendations).

How does it work?

The waterproof, heart-shaped stretchable sensor can be worn anywhere on the body but is best suited on the hand or the wrist. As the photosensitive dyes within the patch are exposed to UV rays, they change colour. This colour change is then quantified by the app (for iOS and Android, called My UV Patch) and the personal UV dose is calculated. The app takes into account your unique skin tone and provides unique personal UV exposure information. 

Where can I get a My UV Patch?

Available whilst stocks last, from the month of October 2017, free with the purchase of any La Roche-Posay Anthelios product  through Dermastore or Skinmiles and select DisChem pharmacies

In South Africa, we’re always exposed to some sort of sun exposure and this unique little patch teaches you to play safe in the sun, to minimise sun burn with the intuitive app to monitor sun exposure in real-time. I think it’s such a needed product, as we aren’t very sun savvy and over-exposure to UV radiation can cause skin pigmentation issues, photo-aging and even skin cancer. If you’re eager to learn more about this innovative product, go here.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m all about a good pair of sneakers. Sneakers are super versatile, and can be worn with just about anything. A blazer? Yes. A leather miniskirt? Hell yeah. A plain white tee and some jeans? Leather-look pants and a blouse? A maxi skirt and some pearls? Yes, yes, yes!

I wear sneakers pretty much all year round. For spring/summer ’17 I’ve gone for patent leather, metallics, all white and pastel pink and I’ve rounded up some of my favourite sneakers from Superbalist. They have a super diverse range, but somehow I’m a sucker for Nike and Adidas Originals. Check out their Nike Sneakers here and Adidas Originals Sneakers here.


1. Puma Basket Heart | R1299

2. Converse Cons SLS Pro Leather | R1499

3. Adidas Originals Gazelle | R1399

4. Adidas Swift Run PK | R2199

5. Nike LunarCharge Essential | R1699

Did you know that Superbalist have an app and that you can get R250 off when using the app for the first time? Check it out for Android here and for iOS here.

What sneakers are on your wishlist? 

If you suffer from puffy under eye skin in the morning, your life is about to get a whole lot better. On the days that I wake up with puffy under eyes, every morning, I know they won’t stay like that for long, thanks to Exuviance’s DePuffing Eye Serum

It claims to help decongest, de-puff and tone the eye area for a rested, youthful appearance with visible results in just 4 weeks.

  • The special triple micro-roller applicator gently massages to stimulate circulation and drainage while delivering a depuffing complex of botanical ingredients.
  • A blend of peptides plus a citrus antioxidant in Eyeliss™ and Actiflow® targets microcirculation and helps strengthen skin, reducing the pooling that can lead to puffiness and bags.
  • NeoGlucosamine® helps build the supportive gel cushion for collagen and elastin, to firm and tone both eyelid and under-eye droopiness over time.
  • Caffeine helps stimulate and invigorate the skin.
  • Chamomile, Green Tea and Cucumber refresh the skin, while special micro-fillers soften and smooth the look of fine lines and crow’s feet for an immediate de-aging boost.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.

How did it do?

First up, it’s such a refreshing product to use. I apply it under my eye area and take it up to the area just below my brow bone in a circular, massaging motion. The little balls work to massage your skin, too. The minute I roll this product on, my eye area feels so moisturised and comforted. I’ve noticed that it lifts the skin on the eyelid making my tired eyes look that much more awake, in spite of how tired I might be. My fine lines also look smoother. 

It layers beautifully with other products and doesn’t roll off or pull of when you apply your foundation. I’ve also used it at 3pm, over my foundation, for a wakeup, and it sinks in beautifully – no sheen or tackiness in sight. It did roll off when I touched it. 

It really does as it says it will – it depuffs and calms my eye area in a few minutes.

The directions say: depress plunger once. Using gentle pressure, roll under each eye from inner corner to outer corner for up to 10 seconds. Repeat under brow bone. Gently smooth in any excess until absorbed. Use twice daily. Can be applied under eye cream or makeup. Initial use: Holding pen with roller ball up, depress plunger several times to start the flow of serum. Just a quick heads up, the first time I used it, I had to push the plunger about 30 times for any product to come out. I thought it was defective, but it just needed some extra care.

Overall, if puffy eyes are getting you, give this worthwhile serum a try. You won’t be sorry.

Available online for R645 here and R735 here. You can go here to contact Genop South Africa directly, to find a stockist near you or email them at